I recently became single, and I was talking with this older guy and all of a sudden he stopped texting me, so I replyed “Ok, well ttyl”
His reply
"Wtf! why you giving me so must pissy-ness here??!?!"

"Hannah, What happened to your cheek?!?!" -Me
“What happend to your ass? Oh yeah it got bigger” - Rachel

I don’t understand why if everyone says God made us who we are and he loves us all, well how can you love someone who not only doesn’t love themselves but wants to take their life as well, I do not understand…..

Life is crazy, the moment when I get a boyfriend the guy I’ve been dreaming about for almost a year now finally tells me that he was secretly in love with me but didn’t know how I would feel about it. I wish I could chose which one. Anyone willing to help me? This isnt the only shit that has happened the past cupple weeks. Stuff like this happens ALL the time

Ugh, I'm soooo bord, I wish that I had someone to talk to : ( someone please talk to me
OHHHHHH BURN! Wait, who did you just burn?!?!
Simon Sprage
Take that yeah-no and shove it up your yeah-no before I have to go and yeah-no you myself
Sydney Quin

I hate when I gotta write my english papers !!! BYE Gotta go write one :D


I love that tumblr has so many people that they can’t block all the adresses from the computers. I LOVE TUMBLR!!!!
Love me,

P.S. Yes I wrote this in school :D

Girls… ugh

So, everyone. This girl (who has a bf) gets mad at me for liking the same guy she does. Not only that but she gets even more mad because he likes me. Like I made him like me or something…. UGH. Girls